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Mar. 29th, 2012 | 03:28 pm

=)) I guess noone'll see this post since I've not updated for so loooooooooooong ( I my seft forgot this journal ) =))) One again , it has a good point , I can bad-mouth anyone here withouth none of them knowing =)))
Back to the forever inspiring topic : My life - me me =) I haven't updated for like months , it's not like I have nothing to write about , I'm just pretty busy nowadays ...not really .. But I have started to work part time a couple of week ago , It's been tiring , stressful , so much pressure too handle :( It's a Japanese Restaurant in Trieu Viet Vuong street , I with my friends were wandering around in there looking for a job then suddenly my friend wanted to go in Yancha ( that restaurant's name ) asking if they need waitress or not . I was like " uh huh , one try wouldn't hurt rite " and waiting for her outside when she came in Yancha. Then she came back after 8 mins  , they accepted us O____O I was like " wwhat ??? " ( I was surprised bcos we'd been looking for jobs so long and no one want to hire us ) If i say i was in joy at that time then rite , yes , It was joyful but after that I came to knew that I'd just step into a nightmare :(
It's a Japanese Restaurant like none of what I've been to . All of the worker have to speak Japanese , so many rules to follow , the manager's a pain in the ass ;__; I can choose the time the date to work , they pay me about 1USD/ hour ( it's pretty high in Vietnam ) , I have nice uniform ( flip-flop, T-shirt, head band, apron , pants ) . The condition's pretty nice , everyone's nice to me too . BUT I have to work non stop 5 hours , and it means no rest in even a minute =_+ if i am tired and want to drink some water i have to make sure the customers , the manager can't see . If I was cautgh ( drinking water ) i'll be in deep trouble ;__; sound scary enough for you ??? =))) Yeah , and I want to talk abt the Japanese manager too . His name's Joe . He's thin tall ( 1m77 i think ) nice 28 yrs old but look really young nice guy , BUTTTTT he's so serious abt his job , he keep on glaring , acting cold if you do something he doesn't like ( even it's such a tiny tiny mistake ) Some times I think he looks like Yunho , but i know , he cant compare to Yunho . Yunho's nice and gentle :) and he's so not a gentleman =_= I smokes, drinks , listens to rock and kinda cold 

Have to work in 1 hour , wanna say more but i dont have time :( I'll try my best , work so hard to make money . I need money to buy Itouch for my studying . It sounds pretty sad rite, something you can easily get , but to me it's so hard to have one . My parents wont pay , I have to get it myseft :) and I will not lose against my seft , this's the first time I can prove that I m not useless :))

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(no subject)

Jan. 11th, 2011 | 12:22 pm

Almost forgot this journal .. again .. =_=

The whole week was full with drama . Dunno why I could survive from all that shit .

First , it's from my friend .. Ha~ She should've know she was being bossy  , bitchy and &%&*% . I mean , she keep telling us what to do , what not to do , while we having  a lil chat in breaktime , whatever topic comes up , she 's like " If I was ... , I'd be like this , like that , ... I'd never ... " Go ddam it , we dont have to know what you're gonna do in the situation and we don't fucking care about whatever so-wise-advice you're gonna give ( and you dont have to act like if we dont hear you we gonna end up pathetic ) so just


That's what I yelled at her . We were having fun , she popped in out of the blue and ruined it all . I was taking about how I ate go-off food the night before and how I can't seem to know what's fine to eat becouse I cant recognize the smell ( uh huh ) and she JUST CAME IN , saying " OMG , my mom'd never left food like that hanging around the house , she'll throw all the food away after dinner  whatever how much it is " and I was like : does she mean my mom's inressponsible or It's me who's being over sensitive ? so I replied " Oh , my mom's not the kind that left unedible food around , it must've gone rotten without her knowledge " " But MY MOTHER'd THROW leftover AWAY , shhh , she doen't chance them rotten.. " .. Okey , who cares 'bout ur fucking old woman ? Isnt it childish to fight over whose mom 's better ? Are we a lil too old to argue " my mom this , my mom that " ?

After her blast , you know what happen ~

But , still have to say that she's a nice friend ( without her overly pride of hersefl , gezz anyone has flaws so ). I hang around with her lot of time , she's good at enduring with me ( being so random and blunt and bitchy like weather and selfish and .. )

Hah , feel better now .

Tsugi , it's about my Godly , awesome , flawless , amazing , talented , genius DBSK ;_____;

Fanwar's it :(

I'm not Orion nor holyshit !

I'm Cassiopeia and I want my DBSK come back !! ( sr for being .. )

Fuck off Sm , now I officially hate Sm , SM FAMILY or whatever they call it . SM FAMILY my  ass , SM GANG to be exact ! Gang which consits of FAKE , IMMATURE , PLASTIC , .. Jerks !

What's your position to acttacked Junsu when he just writed his fucking FEELING  on Twitter ? He was saying to Yunho , and just express his disappointment ! What good friends Boa , Sungmin , Shindong are to spend their time typing horrible thing to their old friends ( even Yunho didnt say a word about it why you have to ? Insulting someone to protect your friend 's not wise esp when that some1 happens to be your friend dongseang  ) Call some1 betrayal never make you the truthworthy one , Shindong . And Sungmin , I should have know it when I heared you talked LIKE THAT to Kang in I.Note , you have angel face but your tongue 's as sharp as a blade , I hope you feel good after saying such thing =) Sleep well at night .

Homin , just LEFT SM  plez

* I have nothing against other member in SJ , btw , I really respect Chul , Huyk for keeping their thought to themself and being supportive to Homin *

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Dec. 26th, 2010 | 04:20 pm

I'm here writing random thing instead of doing homework bcos my crazy number1 fan - hamabb begged me to write something abt myself so she can know more abt me =))

Hope hippo wont kill me after she's done showering and read this =)

She's " go universe " for a lil too long . Wonder she has some problem in the toilet =)

.. What to write ... Uhmmm ... Is it time to badmouthing my new friends in college ?? Actually they're all nice and out-going people , just not very young-spirit and energetic .I love to hang out , to eat to shopping to see and to meet but them .... Haizz , what should I do ??? I dun want to live in a corner not knowing anything out there :((((((((((((((((((

Ah , i've just done my final test . So DAMN HARD I can only laughed when I read the question , And my writting in Jp sucks . ;________; Miyazaki-sensei's gonna kill me this time . I'm so dead with him . And my listening test :((

sr , that's just This  pic makes me feel better =)

hihi ~ I wonder should I buy homin's new album ?

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Dec. 26th, 2010 | 03:00 pm

Ayo~ Mã , nếu em có nhìn thấy dòng chữ này , Hãy cmt để anh biết em ở đâu =)

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....Sentimetal July...

Feb. 27th, 2009 | 11:06 pm
location: Vietnam
mood: blank blank
music: Aren't afraid to die = Diru

Dạo này thật khó chịu

Khó chịu nhưng không nên nói ra chứ đúng ko ?

Nếu cứ khó chịu trong lòng mà nói ra thì chắc chẳng còn ai còn muốn ở cạnh mình nữa .
Sigh~ Ai cũng muốn những người nghĩ ít sống vô tư vui vẻ , chả ai muốn dính đến mấy đứa thất thường , lắm chuyện lại phiền phức .....

Nhưng tôi chả thế nằo ngăn cho tôi đừng buồn đc .

Tôi có phaỉ thánh đâu

giống như khi người ta mót giải vậy , dù có làm gì cũng pảhi đi ra thôi ... -__________-

đến jesus cũng pảhi đi tiểu chứ .

Tôi chẳng tin ai đủ để cho họ biết cái gì trong đầu tôi cả .

Tôi cũng chả mong cái gì đc nữa

Thật đáng sợ

Nhưng tôi cũng ko thể để trong lòng đc , bởi vì như thế quá khó chịu . Cảm giác ko thể chịu đc nếu ko đi tiểu .

Vâng , buồn lắm . Tại vì , nói ra nghe thật ngu xuẩn , nhưng giá mà tôi thông minh chắc tôi ko thảm thương như giờ .

Waiting for July . 5th July. Sunday .

Last day

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Oi..Since it's the first time I actually write something in this LJ ..

Nov. 16th, 2008 | 09:03 pm
location: Việt Nam
mood: giddy giddy
music: Marry of the blood - D'espairs Ray

Mah ... I has just finished translating a song of  The gazette . It's " Caml envy " . It's a really good song with nice melody . The lyrics 's just sad .It's written in a gir;'s POV .  It's combination of sorrow and regret of the girl whose lover left her . And since the girl 's still so in love with him , she lived with the past  hoping that someday he 'll come to see her again but at the end of the song , she realizes that  the boy will never come back , she finally lets go , falling asleep with her soul broken inside . ( I dun really sure íf she falls asleep or not  , maybe she's death ? )

Here it's the lyrics in Vietnamese , hope it's not to bad ^^! :

CALM ENVY ( Đố kị câm lặng  )

Lyrics by Matsumoto Takanori
Translated by me ( Kenii )

Dont repost without my permission .


Dường như em đang tan vào tiếng mưa rơi hiu hắt

Là ai đang mong mỏi những lời hứa hẹn , là ai em đang khao khát ?


I want to see all of you . I want to love all of you ( Em muốn biết tất cả về anh . Em muốn yêu tất cả của anh )

Phải chăng, đây là cách duy nhất ?


Khi đôi tay ta đan vào nhau . một mùi hương không tên toả ra từ những ngón tay

Dù có thể hít thở đều , em vẫn thấy mình vụn vỡ

Nếu anh có thể yêu em sâu đậm hơn những lời hứa

Thì chỉ cần anh đứng trước em , em sẽ đặt niềm tin vào anh trọn vẹn

Quá khứ tràn về, những đụng chạm vào nhau không thể lấp đầy nỗi trống trải mong manh , dòng nước mắt trôi  


Dẫu rằng sự bình yên này đang vỗ về em

Dẫu rằng anh vẫn luôn bên em nhưng trái tim anh không còn  trong em nữa


I want to see all of you . I want to love all of you ( Em muốn biết tất cả về anh . Em muốn yêu tất cả của anh )

Nụ cười mỉm nhấn chìm câu trả lời chưa nói

Anh không còn  yêu bóng đen quá khứ của những ngày đó đã xa

Đôi tay em ôm trọn quá khứ , tha thiết không thể rời xa   


Nếu anh có thể yêu em , bất chấp những gì em đã nói

Chỉ cần anh đứng trước em , em sẽ tin anh trọn vẹn

Quá khứ tràn về , những đụng chạm chỉ khiến em đau đớn ,

EM muốn yêu anh đến tận cùng lòng mình

Bởi em sẽ không để anh nhìn thấy em lau đi dòng nước mắt



Chẳng còn gì để cười nhạo trước em

Chúng ta chẳng còn , lời “ từ biệt “ không nói ra

Em muốn chúng ta bên nhau , cùng khóc cho lời “ từ biệt “ này

Thay vì nhớ lại , em muốn quên đi .Hãy để tâm hồn em vắng lặng

Thôi không còn đuổi theo những ngày tháng đã xa


Đừng bỏ lại gì nhiều hơn những gì còn lại

“ Dù sao .. “

Níu lấy lời “ từ biệt “ này

Em chìm vào giấu ngủ với đôi tay ko ngừng níu kéo lời “ chia tay “ ấy

Và rồi hơi ấm mong manh của em phôi phai như làn khói


Người em yêu đã ra đi không trở lại , như những ngày đó ra đi không quay về


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